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İndustrial chimney systems

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Industrial Chimney Systems Today, almost in all industrial production facilities professionally designed and tailored chimney systems are being used .These are the main features that separate advanced systems from standard chimney systems; they have to be designed exactly according to the needs of the user.The reason for this is the difference in the gas structure, temperature, and resistance expected from the chimney , as the material produced or processed by each plant is different.In addition to the material structure that passes through the chimney , the conditions under which the production facilities operate are directly influenced by design and assembly .Factors such as the climatic conditions of the plant, wind conditions of the chimney, the structure of the platform where the chimney can be assembled and the strength state require the production facilities to use customized and high strength chimneys. As a company, regardless of the purpose and expectation of the production facility, we bring together the producers of the highest quality team and the highest quality materials in accordance with the standards in all the single and double-walled chimneys. Most of the chimney systems we produce, we use 316L stainless steel. The main reason for using this material is also highly resistant to corrosion.In addition to the formation of the inner sheet of stainless steel , stone wool is also a common method for chimney isolation .These materials provide the most convenient and the most resistant chimney obtain general application.At very high temperatures or in chimneys to be installed on platforms containing special chemical wastes , it is necessary to go beyond general use materials.We can design a stable chimney system for almost every production plant thanks to the special alloyed stainless steels produced according to the requirement . In addition to the materials used in the production of chimney systems, another important factor is that static analysis is carried out before installation to ensure that the plant is installed in accordance with the standards.After performing general physical tests and calculations for wind loads, vibration conditions, earthquake effects and work safety, we choose the whole of the fittings to be customized as needed .In the selection of fittings we choose the high temperature and corrosion resistant seals to ensure not only the perfect chimney but also prevent any installation flaws.To all these variables we take our countermeasures and we do our production with a professional preliminary work and an experienced team .In this respect, we have also remove the possibility of experiencing serious problems in the future.Since the production and installation of industrial chimney systems are set by various standards by the state, we hope you will choose us before any problems occur.

Stainless steel chimney systems

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Stainless Steel Chimney Systems Chimney systems are designed to transmit the waste gases of heating systems operating with various fuel types to the atmosphere. There are several different chimney systems, depending on the area of ​​use and the calculations that made during the installation phase. If the chimney systems and their properties are to be examined; Single-walled Chimney Systems Single-walled chimney systems are mainly produced for the purpose of releasing gas produced by heating systems operating with liquid and gaseous fuels towards the atmosphere. If the general structure of the system is to be addressed; cleaning lid, flat and T module, hat and reduction elements. They are mainly produced from stainless steel and are mounted after a quality welding operation. They are sealed to the system using special gaskets and installation is very easy compared to other chimney systems. Double-walled Chimney Systems It is used in heating systems that work with liquid, gas and environmentally friendly solid fuels, just like in single-walled systems. They are connected to the walls, to the installation shaft and to the building ceiling, both to the building and to the wall clamps, to provide strength in the long run .When these types of connections are selected, the structure to be used of the chimney system is very important. They are produced from stainless steel and stone wool is used in their insulation to prevent problems caused by the condensation of the gas passing through the chimney system. Chimney Systems Produced for Boilers Natural gas boilers, coal boilers, low and high pressure blowing boilers are produced for boilers. Suction of the burning gas in the coal boilers and the supply of the resistance in the chimney are provided by the chimney drums, while the chimney draws only the resistance after the gas flow safety in the chimneys used in the natural gas boilers. Cascade Chimney Systems Chimney systems are used when a single flue system is needed in areas where multiple heating units are used. They are manufactured from stainless steel, designed according to the structure of the system. Cogen Chimney Systems Chimney systems used in cogeneration plants that produce both electricity and heat energy .In such plants , productivity is aimed at using heat energy generated during electricity generation .In this respect, it is very important to use chimney systems which require special design. Industry Chimneys It is a system produced to meet the circulation need of heat centers in production and industrial facilities. They are specially produced for installations and heat source. According to the project, a very important productivity and working account is required , so it is necessary to follow a professional process in their production.   As a company, we are able to design all stainless steel chimney systems you need, and to use them safely for many years.In our preliminary studies , by calculating the requirements of your system and plant conditions correctly; we are minimizing all the negativities that you will experience in the future.

Garbage and Laundry Chute Systems


Garbage and Washing Chute Systems Moving garbage and laundry in buildings such as large residences, multi-storey apartment complexes, hotels, shopping malls, etc. is a very troublesome job.If we were to take a hotel as an example , the amount of laundry that came out of hundreds of rooms every day was huge in size.In the same way , a concierge was not enough to collect the garbage of thousands of residences.Both washing and garbage collection processes have started to be made much easier and quicker by producing garbage and laundry chute systems that have been developed in order to solve all these problems . In order to share this perfect solution method with you, our company offers a variety of products with different quality systems .We provide services to you with many products you need , such as trash chutes, cover modules, cylindrical flat modules, finish modules, ventilation systems, cleaning units, automation panels, fixing equipment, guillotine covers .When producing all these systems, we use first quality materials for a durable and clean operation. Smoke systems that do not use a good quality material and cannot provide hygiene are used for long-term illnesses in the fields where they are used; which can not be remedied later, and damages that cannot be intervened later due to cracks or tears in the system. For example ; damage to a garbage pile integrated into a high-rise residence may require additional intervention and workforce, as it can cause the accumulation of harmful waste gradually in cracks, as well as clogging of the shooting system, without interfering with the operation of the system.Therefore , it is very important to establish these systems after long-term thinking and necessary calculations .By calculating the variables such as the size of the ventilation systems and the operating range of the roof fan ; the most hygienic conditions possible should be produced so as to provide the longest possible strength.At the same time , it is crucial for the installed systems to allow for intervention later, to deal with adverse situations and to produce quick solutions. No matter where you want to use the chute systems, it should be examined by a specialist team and the production should be made considering the necessary conditions.With many years of experience working in the sector, with experienced and professional personnels; we provide you with hygienic and advanced systems using quality and suitable materials for your project.

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